Vegetarian for dinner? Meals even life-long carnivores will love


As the popularity of vegetarian and vegan foods continues to grow, Sabrina Ghayour is in fashion with the publication today of her fourth recipe book, Bazaar: Vibrant Vegetarian Recipes.

This is another voluminous, bold and extremely colorful publication by the UK’s most famous expert in Persian cuisine. Even engaged carnivores, like Ghayour herself, will find something to inspire between her blankets.

Faithful to his heritage, Iranian influences are at work, but not exclusively – that of the Middle East-Plus, describes his work, Nigella Lawson – in the work of Ghayour. But it is in the generous and tasty dishes of her country that she excels. Eggplant with tomato and tamarind sauce and chickpea and vegetable koftas, two types of vegetarian dishes that make meat superfluous, are good examples.

In addition to egg dishes, soups and salads, there are recipes for pies, breads and pastries, treats and dinners in cupboards. Light bites and sharing plates have their own chapter, and for more robust appetites, there are “main courses”.

“Bazaar is the old Persian word for market and is shared by many other Eastern cultures. Whatever country I go to, one of my greatest joys is visiting a good market, “says Ghayour, who lives between London and Yorkshire. where she recently bought a house. She is also an occasional visitor to Dublin and keeps in touch with her half-Irish and half-Iranian cousins. Here are two recipes from the book, just out of the press. The first intelligently mixes tomatoes and buttermilk, a spicy and crisp polenta crust and dried oregano. The second uses these boxes of palm hearts that you can pick from fine grocery stores and combines them with charred sweet corn, red onions, baby tomatoes and fresh coriander in a colorful salad.

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