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Job Application Letter for Any Position


Subject: Application for the Role of {Asst. Sales Manager} at ABCD Pvt. Ltd.

Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. {Recipient’s Name},

This refers to your job request in {portal name} for the role of sales manager. I am firmly convinced that my qualifications and experience make me a perfect candidate for this job.

I have an MBA in Sales and Marketing from {institute name}. I worked as an Area Sales Manager and Assistant Marketing Manager at {Company Name}. During my time as an Area Sales Manager, I designed and implemented a customer loyalty program that led to higher sales. As Assistant Marketing Manager, I worked on the planning and implementation of a new product launch. With 4 years of experience in B2B sales and marketing, I have a deep understanding of the process. I am confident that I will be suitable for the job.


I have attached my resume to the email for reference. Please take a look at it.

I hope to meet you and discuss this opportunity further. Thank you for considering my application for the role.


Best regards,
{Your Name}
Mob: {Your Contact Number}
Email Id: {Your Email Address)


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