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Application Letter for Maternity Leave


Subject: Application for Maternity Leave

Dear Sir / Madam. {Name of the Recipient},

I am writing this letter to let you know that I need Maternity Leave for 90 Days. This letter concerns my request for maternity leave from {Start date} to {End date}. It will be three-month leaves and I will rejoin back soon.

Since I will be away for a very long time, I have authorized {Name of person} to take my responsibility. He/she politely agreed to take over my chair for 90 days and He/She is capable to solve all the queries and do the work properly.

I have enclosed my medical certificate together with other important information that is necessary for taking the leave.

I also ask you to provide me the information about the hospital covered under the office insurance coverage. So that part of my medical expenses will be covered.

In an emergency, please contact me at {Your Contact Information}.


Yours Sincerely,

{You Name}


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