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Annual Leave Application

Annual Leave Application Format


Subject: Annual leave application

Dear Sir / Madam. {Name of the Recipient},

I am writing this letter to let you know that I need a long-term leave for the vacation. Therefore, I would like to claim my full annual vacation allowance because I have my full annual vacation allowance.

I ask you to check my 30-day vacation application because I am planning an international vacation with my family. I want to take the leave from {start date} to {end date}

I have delegated my current project or work to {name of person}. He/she understands my project very well and is able to complete the task without difficulty. In fact, it is only the last part that needs to be done by him/her.

During my absence, I can be reachable at this {email address/contact number}.

I will return to the office on {date}. If I would like to resume work earlier or later than the specified date, I will inform you in advance.




Yours Sincerely,

{Your Name}


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