How to Deactivate Facebook Account from PC/MOBILE


I think of deactivating my Facebook account would stop the social community from tracking me online. But facebook kept tabs on me besides.

During the last year, I’ve tried to reduce my presence on FB. I deleted a 10-12 months-antique account and changed it with a dummy account that I exploit as low as feasible. I deleted the app from my telephone.

As of January, I commenced deactivating my dummy account each time I used it, in preference to just log out. I couldn’t split completely with facebook because I wanted it to sign up two times per week for a workshop.

I notion the precautions would lessen how a whole lot of statistics facebook gathered about me. seems, I used to be losing my time.

Even if your account is deactivated, the social community continues collecting facts about your online sports. All that facts receives despatched again to FB and is tied for your account even as it’s on this kingdom of limbo. It is as in case you’d modified nothing.

Facebook says it only eliminates all of your information in case you completely delete your account. Deactivating is not as intense, the agency says, and the social network maintains amassing your facts if you trade your mind and need to go back on your profile. Facebook expects deactivated users to return and desires to continue serving them commercials relevant to their new hobbies.

Facebook is amusing and helping us to connect with pals. at the identical time, it has a few hazards like FB addiction.

There are so many methods to cast off this facebook dependency, and one such approach is deactivating your facebook account. So in this blog, we will discuss the complete

the process regarding how to deactivate facebook account after that if you face any problem then. You must go with facebook support through facebook support numbers.

Right Here Is A Crucial Aspect To The Word:

  • Deleting FB account and deactivating facebook account is a one of a kind thing.
  • Deleting FB account is permanent, and also you can not get admission to your account anymore.
  • Deactivating facebook account hides your account from different Facebook users, and you can get entry to it at any time by using reactivating it.

What Does Will Change In Your Facebook Account After Deactivating?

  • No one can discover you through a Facebook search.
  • Your posts to your buddies will continue to be, however, your name will become a non-clickable text (your call do no longer have hyperlinks for your facebook account).
  • You are taken off from the community pages, and the snapshots tagged to you will become detagged.
  • If you are good enough with the above, allow’s circulate ahead to the stairs to do the project.

Deactivate Facebook Account In Laptop

  • Log into Facebook.
  • Click on on “Inverted Triangle” at the pinnacle.
  • Pick “Settings.”
  • Inside the menu on the left, click “protection.”
  • Find and click on “Edit” hyperlink beside “Deactivate your account.”
  • Click on “Deactivate your account” hyperlink.
  • Facebook should prompt you to pick out the purpose of deactivating Facebook. You could pick a motive you decide upon (on this example, I pick out “different”). The notifications and electronic mail invite out of your FB friends might come on your inbox in case you did no longer pick out the option “Select the option of receiving future emails in your Facebook.” In case you do now not need facebook pals emails, select this feature.
  • Tap on deactivation button. Tap on the “Deactivate ” button in the confirmation message. That show on your screen.
  • That’s it. Now your Facebook account is deactivated

Facebook Account Deactivate In Mobile

In case, if you need to reactivate, just log into your facebook account, and your account could be reactivated.

  • Deactivate Facebook on Facebook App
  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Go to “Account Settings.”
  • Click at the “protection” choice.
  • Tap the “Deactivate” alternative at the lowest.
  • Deactivate link on Facebook app
  • ​Choose the deactivate purpose and electronic mail opt out.
  • Click on “Deactivate” button.


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