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Joe Posnanski is a wonderful and insightful writer no matter the medium – be it his blog, his column, or his book. He recently took on the blogger/MSM topic and had an excellent analysis. (hat tip Aaron Gleeman)

No, most sports blogs do not have access to the players, nor do the bloggers have to face the music. But most of them are writing for LOVE of sports. So they have a depth of emotion involved. Yes, some blogs are poorly written and poorly informed and spew hate. But that’s the price of a free Internet.

Bloggers are not getting paid to do it (or not getting paid a lot to do it). They are writing from the heart, from the gut, from the research they have finished, from a hard point of view, and it’s often the most entertaining and heartfelt work around. It’s often the most slanderous and bitchy work too. All in all, it’s a fun time to be a reader.

Though he wrote it on his blog, he presented both sides’ strengths and weaknesses and didn’t resort to any name calling, cheap shots, or petty stereotypes. In doing so he advanced the cause for both mediums instead of fretting about lines blurring.

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