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Bill Conlin – sigh

by Bill Ferris on November 23, 2007 · 1 comment

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It seems like it was only a couple weeks ago that Chris McCosky pulled the “I have a degree in this stuff” routine when differentiating himself from bloggers.  Now Bill Conlin is playing that card.

The whole chronology is detailed in: » Conlin’s Losing Numbers [UPDATED: See end]. The story is as old as time. Columnist slams sabermetrics despite poor understanding of the concepts. Blogger writes email to columnist. Columnist says that he’s smarter. This one went a little farther though in the exchange with Conlin ultimately dropping this response:

The only positive thing I can think of about Hitler’s time on earth–I’m sure he would have eliminated all bloggers. In Colonial times, bloggers were called “Pamphleteers.” They hung on street corners handing them out to passersby. Now, they hang out on electronic street corners, hoping somebody mouses on to their pretentious sites. Different medium, same MO. Shakespeare accidentally summed up the genre best with these words from a MacBeth soliloquy: “. . .a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. . .”

I will say I’ll give Conlin credit for responding to the email. But that’s where it ends. Ignorance and idiocy trumps participation in this case. So Conlin longs for the return of Hitler to take care of those pesky bloggers?!

And he wasn’t it those pamphleteers that contributed to the series of events that allowed for Conlin the freedom to say stupid things and a free press. And he rights for a Philadelphia paper? The irony is excruciating.

For more see John Brattain’s response: The Progenitor of Severe Gluteal Discomfort: Barry Bonds vs. Bill Conlin…

UPDATE: Brattain has another response worth checking out. You can follow all responses on Ballhype

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