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Talking Podcasts with Rob Visconti

by Bill Ferris on January 13, 2006 · 0 comments

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Rob Visconti, aka the Bleacher Guy and Eric McErlain of Off Wing Opinion fame have been teaming up for almost a year to produce podcasts called Bleacher Guy Radio. Rob was kind enough to take the time an answer some questions about his experiences with podcasting, and what opportunities might be out there. If I’d been thinking when I emailed Rob, we could have done this as a podcast. Oh well, maybe next time…

What made you start doing podcasts instead of just blogging?

This time last year I hadn’t even heard of podcasting, much less given any thought to playing out my sports radio fantasies on the internet. But one night in January I was on the phone with my buddy and fellow sports blogger Eric McErlain from Off Wing Opinion. We were talking shop about where we saw sports blogging heading, and kicking around different ideas for possibly working together at some point. Eric mentioned podcasting as a possibility, which was the first that I had even heard of the concept, and I started doing research on the topic as soon as we got off the phone.

After a couple of months of toying with the idea and trying to figure out how the back end of podcasting works, I finally sat down on March 17 to record my first show–and it was awful. But I got a real kick out of putting it together, and an even bigger kick when my aggregator successfully downloaded the file and transferred it into my iTunes library. That was a pretty big moment for me–I didn’t really care whether anyone else ever listened to that first show. I just wanted to see if I could figure out how to make it work.

Of course, once the initial excitement wore off, I had to decide whether this was something I wanted to continue to pursue. Despite the fact that the first show was embarrassingly bad, I got some really positive feedback from regular readers of my blog who took the time to listen. At that point I realized that podcasting was going to be a great way to expand the content of my blog and to reach a new audience. And now that I’ve worked out the kinks and learned how to produce a better product, I think that the podcast and the blog feed off of each other. It’s been fun to watch it grow.
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