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SNY, the sports network in New York is genius. Several months ago they teamed up with Matthew Cerrone and MetsBlog. Now they have added a Yankees blogger to the mix by teaming up with Steve Lombardi and

In both cases the blogs get to keep doing exactly what they were doing before with the authors retaining full editorial control. The blogs, and bloggers get more exposure and some fantastic opportunities. Cerrone has already been on the channel several times and is now reporting from spring training.

But why is this genius for SNY? They get to move forward in their quest to become the “Online Home of All Things NY Sports.” They’re brining in two established brands. But more than that they are bringing in established voices. People that the fans are already relating to. They don’t have to establish the bloggers credibility, it’s already present in the hundreds of thousands of page views that the sites get.

And by putting those who are most passionate about the subject front and center, they get some amazing coverage such as Cerrone’s recent conversation with Johan Santana about the circle change.

This is clearly a win for everyone involved. So congratulations to Steve Lombardi, and congrats to SNY for recognizing a good thing. Joins SNY Sports-Blog Network

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Bleacher Report clarification

by Bill Ferris on February 25, 2008 · 3 comments

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Last week when I wrote about Bleacher Report I noted that one downside of the service was that the writer doesn’t own the content. I’ve since been corrected and I’d like to thank Dave Nemetz for clarifying:

One correction I wanted to note is that Bleacher Report writers do own the content, and are often writing through their own blogs that then syndicate to Bleacher Report. The site’s terms of service currently specify that the original writer of each article wholly owns the copyright to their work, but grants a license to Bleacher Report to publish and use the work.

And when I go back and reread the Terms of Service it does say that the writer grants non-exclusive rights to Bleacher Report. The user also grants other rights, like the right to derivative works and for sublicensing. So like with any site you should read the terms of use, instead of just skim them like I did. But it still seems like a terrific opportunity for bloggers looking to get established to both receive feedback and gain exposure.


Bleacher Report launch

by Bill Ferris on February 23, 2008 · 2 comments

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Bleacher Report launched a new design with a bevy of new features this week. Bleacher Report isn’t an compilation of other existing works on the net, but a community project where writers can sign up and submit articles. Those articles are debated and critiqued and the best and most liked will bubble to the top.

Techcrunch picked up the launch, and are quick to point out why an aspiring blogger/writer might want to hook up with BR:

While sports writers could simply sign up for accounts at WordPress or Blogger, they’d do better to publish at Bleacher Report for several reasons. The first and most compelling reason is a better audience. The site attracts sports fans and surfaces the best content to the homepage after assessing several factors such as writer rankings, editor ratings, community ratings, and hits. Readers who like your stuff can become your “fan” and track your work alongside others’ on a special “lineup” page. And articles published to Bleacher Report are categorized into sections like “New York Giants” and “MLB” so your content is found by those interested in just those topics.

Instant exposure is always a plus, not to mention the fact that writers get instant critical feedback. The same sort of feedback that could take months or years to get if trying to launch a blog on your own.

The downside is that you don’t really own the content and you’re writing for someone else. Still, it might be a worthwhile strategy for anyone looking to gain additional exposure or boost his or her authority ranking.


MetsBlog teams up with SNY

by Bill Ferris on December 3, 2007 · 0 comments

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Matthew Cerrone, the owner of MetsBlog has teamed up with SportsNet New York (SNY). SNY broadcasts Mets and Jets games. As for the agreement, MetsBlog goes largely unchanged, but Cerrone will work with the network to create original online video content.

The real kicker though is that Cerrone will now have access to the players and team.

Like you, my biggest concern had been that SNY will try to alter the site’s voice. However, and I cannot reiterate this point enough, it is still Matthew Cerrone’s – in every way, shape and form. From this point forward, though, in addition to writing MetsBlog in the exact same way you have come to trust, I now have better access to the team; better access to video content, and top-of-the-line equipment and producers to help create it; and, most important, you will get better and more original material to read and watch throughout the day.

Congrats to Matthew who follows in Henry Abbott’s True Hoops footsteps in partnering with a major media organization – and still getting to remain a blogger.

News: MetsBlog and SNY agree to Partnership |


Derek Zumsteg recently authored The Cheater’s Guide To Baseball and launched a blog to accompany it. He recently wrote a post, with pictures and video stills, that detailed how Francisco Rodriguez was using a foreign substance. The story actually gained quite a bit of steam. It was discussed on Baseball Tonight last night, and now MLB is looking into it.

That last link, take a look at the story. They never mention Zumsteg’s name. They mention the blog, but fail to mention that the blog’s author also penned a book by the same name. They don’t link to blog either despite it coming from News Services that gathers and produces news for the web, where there are links and stuff.

The thing is, I’ve heard this mentioned on sports talk, and other avenues and they also refer to the source as a “blog” or a “blogger” as if almost to discredit it. The man has a name. He is an author. He’s written for Baseball Prospectus in the past. Why not write it as “The issue was first raised by Derek Zumsteg, the author of The Cheater’s Guide to Baseball and a blog by the same name.” Give the man his due, and don’t try to diminish the message because of the medium he used.


NBA blog True Hoop has been bought by ESPN. This is of course very exciting news for author Henry Abbott. Will this spur a buying frenzy of top blogs my top mainstream media providers? Perhaps, but even so it probably won’t effect more than a handful of blogs.

In the last year I can think of 3 bloggers off the top of my head who were recruited by MSM dot com arms (Weisman, Belth, and Gleeman). While this differs in that ESPN bought the blog, it is an extension of the big boys looking to the ranks of bloggers.

In any case though, congratulations to Henry!

True Hoop: Major Announcement: TrueHoop is Becoming Part of ESPN
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Matthew Cerrone makes the leap

by Bill Ferris on April 20, 2006 · 0 comments

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Matthew Cerrone of Mets Blog is going full time – as a blogger

Therefore, starting next Thursday, will become my only job. Like Dave Pinto at Baseball Musings, I will cut ties with my current employer and dedicate myself 100 percent to, which will be financially supported mostly by advertising revenue and donations from readers…

Best of luck Matthew – we’re all pull for you. :: Note: Matthew Cerrone, Full-Time Blogger


Fake Teams interviews Jason Gurney, the creator of and discusses the motivation for the sites, and the story ranking algorithms.
FakeTeams :: Fake Teams interviews Jason Gurney


The Mets Blog Network

by Bill Ferris on March 29, 2006 · 1 comment

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Matthew Cerrone is working on building an online community by offering free blogs in the Metsblog Network. There are a limited number of free blogs available, with pretty loose terms of service:

  • Focus your blog primarily on the topic of sports, baseball or the Mets. It’s OK to blog about other topics, but if you want to create a blog about your cat, this program’s not for you.
  • Be active; blogs that are not updated will be removed. Blogs that have not been updated within the last 30 days will be subject to removal.
  • Only one blog per person please!

Each blog receives its own Metsblog subdomain. It’s not exactly clear how the network will be tied into the main site, but it does say that there will be special RSS feeds and services to keep people updated on network happenings.

It’s an interesting idea, and it seems to differ slightly from TwinsGeek’s attempt at a multi-blog network. It’s will be interesting to see how it works. Best of luck to Matthew on this endeavor.

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Blog Thievery

by Bill Ferris on March 23, 2006 · 1 comment

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It appears that the M Zone is receiving some national attention for something they wrote, only it’s not happening the way they would hope. Apparently ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd read significant parts of an M Zone Wonderlic parody, pretty much verbatim. The problem is Mr Cowherd failed to acknoweldge his source. It’s pretty easy to see why the M Zone is a little peeved.

Now you know why we’re so pissed. We bust our ass on something only to have Mr. ESPN come in and steal our material. Do you know how cool it would have been for a little blog like ours to get a mention on a nationally syndicated sports radio show? Instead, Goliath decides to rip off David.

Fortunately, for the M Zone the story is definitely gaining momentum.

If this whole thing played out the way the M Zone describes, Cowherd’s actions are pretty much craptacular. I’d be interested in hearing from anybody with legal knowledge what bloggers can do when these things happen, as well as what they can do prior to these situations to protect themselves.

Hat Tip: Bleacher Guy

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