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Blog Launch

Armchair GM

by Bill Ferris on March 6, 2006 · 0 comments

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A new site launched today, that frankly is a little hard to describe. Armchair GM is self described as

We are a fan-based sports community built on a customized MediaWiki (Wikipedia) engine that combines blogs, news, and voting, with the power of a sports-wiki.

The site aims to put sports information, of many varieties, in the hands of the fans. The readers to the site are the contributors. They post the stories, they leave the comments, they elect which stories bubble to the top, and they write they build the sports-wiki. This could be the ultimate in sports information aggregation, but only if the users contribute.

I’m not sure how many opinion pieces will be written. It seems that if people wanted to have their own blogs, and werer savy enough to make the entries, they would already be blogging in one form or another.

What I like most about the site is the Digg like voting system. It is also the part that could be the biggest boon to traffic for existing bloggers. It may be a chance to get additional exposure, and hits, to a blog if a story gets picked up and reviewed favorably. As a blogger, I don’t know what the etiquette would be for posting one’s own stories. Like everything else on the site, it will be left up to the community. My only quibble with the section is that I think the links to the sources should be more prominent – like near the vote total by the title.

Another benefit to bloggers is that it could prove to be another source of information, or inspiration. RSS feeds are available for many sections of the site, so it is possible to subscribe to a feed from a particular team.

This is certainly an ambitious project, and it could change the way we gather sports information.
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Super Bowl Blog

by Bill Ferris on February 4, 2006 · 0 comments

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Back in the fall I had this great idea for a new blog – Super Blog XL. It would chronicle anything having to do with everything for Super Bowl XL in Detroit. There would be no shortage of material, it wouldn’t have to run forever, and there certainly seemed to be monetization opportunities. Unfortunately, the blog never got off the ground. Now I’m kicking myself. The Super Bowl is one of the hottest topics and blogs have never covered it as thoroughly. Whether it is local blogs, blogs from major media, or even players blogging, the Super Bowl is being Super Blogged.

I missed my chance. But if I were living in an upcoming Super Bowl host city, here’s what I’d do:

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