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A Sports Bloggers Network

by Bill Ferris on January 17, 2009 · 2 comments

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For quite some time I’ve wanted a way to connect with other sports bloggers. I was hoping that Baseblogging would be a way to do it, but I’ve never been able to put the time into it. So it was time to try a new tactic, and with that we have the Sports Bloggers Network on Ning.

After proposing the idea of a forum to some of my friends on Twitter, Tim Daloisio suggested Ning. Ning offers the forum functionality I was looking for, but it also offers most of the features you’d find in any social network.

Hopefully this will be a place to meet other like minded bloggers and discuss things that are working or not working on your blogs. If things work out there will be a cadre of bloggers who can answer questions about what software is best, what affiliate programs work for them, how they score interviews and a host of other topics.

So if you’re a sports blogger (and if you’re reading this there’s a decent chance you are), I encourage you to visit the site and check it out.


Raising awareness through blog groups

by Bill Ferris on November 29, 2005 · 0 comments

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One of the things that bloggers strive to achieve is visibility. One type of visibility is amongst our peers. That can be fairly easy to achieve and is much more in our control. We can contact other sites and let them know about our latest post. Another harder to achieve visibility is amongst the mainstream media. Acceptance of bloggers amongst the mainstream media seems to vary greatly by market. Twins bloggers are very well accepted and even get airtime on Twins pregame shows. This isn’t the case everywhere though. In Detroit bloggers tried to change this by coming together.

Last year, the Internet Baseball Writers Association was created to “raise the visibility of internet based sports writers.” About that same time myself, Brian Borawski, and Ryan Sosin began discussing the formation of a group for Detroit Tiger bloggers with similar intentions. Due to pressing time constraints the only thing we developed in 2004 was a name – Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes (DIBS). [click to continue…]