About the Site

This site will be a blog about blogs. My goal is for it to be a resource for current and future baseball (and really all sports) bloggers. There are many topics related to baseball blogging that I have wanted to comment on, but didn’t really have a forum. I’d like to discuss how people can make a living blogging about baseball (or at least make enough money to pay for tickets or the Extra Innings package). I want to look at some of the trends with the various blog networks. I want to examine bloggers’ role as sports journalists and look at their acceptance in mainstream media. I’ll also take a look at the technical side of things, such as blog platforms, RSS, and tagging.

To do this I need people’s help. I hope to interview some of the most successful baseball bloggers to find out their tips and secrets. If you see baseball blogs recognized or quoted in your hometown paper, please let me know. And finally, if you have any tips/techniques/thoughts, pass them along. If you’d like to contribute a guest column, please let me know. I will be building a link list, but given the number of blogs this will be a lengthy process. In the meantime, please pass along any link suggestions.

About the Author

My name is Bill Ferris, and I have been blogging since April, 2001. I launched my Detroit Tiger blog later that same summer. So while I may not have the readership and renown that others have, I do possess quite a bit of experience. In addition to the Tiger blog, I am a co-founder of DIBS (Detroit Independent Baseball Scribes). DIBS is an organization that aims to improve the visibility of the quality baseball writing that is taking place on the internet.

In addition I also have a personal blog (The Billfer Blog), and a blog about preschool television (TV for Tots).