Bleacher Report clarification

by Bill Ferris on February 25, 2008 · 3 comments

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Last week when I wrote about Bleacher Report I noted that one downside of the service was that the writer doesn’t own the content. I’ve since been corrected and I’d like to thank Dave Nemetz for clarifying:

One correction I wanted to note is that Bleacher Report writers do own the content, and are often writing through their own blogs that then syndicate to Bleacher Report. The site’s terms of service currently specify that the original writer of each article wholly owns the copyright to their work, but grants a license to Bleacher Report to publish and use the work.

And when I go back and reread the Terms of Service it does say that the writer grants non-exclusive rights to Bleacher Report. The user also grants other rights, like the right to derivative works and for sublicensing. So like with any site you should read the terms of use, instead of just skim them like I did. But it still seems like a terrific opportunity for bloggers looking to get established to both receive feedback and gain exposure.