Bleacher Report launch

by Bill Ferris on February 23, 2008 · 2 comments

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Bleacher Report launched a new design with a bevy of new features this week. Bleacher Report isn’t an compilation of other existing works on the net, but a community project where writers can sign up and submit articles. Those articles are debated and critiqued and the best and most liked will bubble to the top.

Techcrunch picked up the launch, and are quick to point out why an aspiring blogger/writer might want to hook up with BR:

While sports writers could simply sign up for accounts at WordPress or Blogger, they’d do better to publish at Bleacher Report for several reasons. The first and most compelling reason is a better audience. The site attracts sports fans and surfaces the best content to the homepage after assessing several factors such as writer rankings, editor ratings, community ratings, and hits. Readers who like your stuff can become your “fan” and track your work alongside others’ on a special “lineup” page. And articles published to Bleacher Report are categorized into sections like “New York Giants” and “MLB” so your content is found by those interested in just those topics.

Instant exposure is always a plus, not to mention the fact that writers get instant critical feedback. The same sort of feedback that could take months or years to get if trying to launch a blog on your own.

The downside is that you don’t really own the content and you’re writing for someone else. Still, it might be a worthwhile strategy for anyone looking to gain additional exposure or boost his or her authority ranking.