Pistons show bloggers some love

by Bill Ferris on February 8, 2008 · 1 comment

in Bloggers and their Teams

Talk about an organization embracing bloggers. The Detroit Pistons offered up a suite for Need4Sheed.com proprietor Natalie Sitto and some of her/the team’s fans for a night. Comping tickets is pretty cool in and of itself, but check out what else the night included:

  • A pregame tour of The Palace including time at court level during warm-ups
  • A fully stocked suite with food and beverage plus souvenir jersey’s for all
  • The 1989 Championship trophy being brought to the suite for all to see

Kudos to the Pistons organization for really making a special night for some of their biggest fans and supporters.  Fellow Pistons blogger Matt Watson of Detroit Bad Boys will have a similar night in the near future.

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