Peter Gammons on bloggers

by Bill Ferris on January 21, 2008 · 3 comments

in Mainstream Media

Peter Gammons writes at length about various topics today, but a big component of the article is a flattering look at baseball blogs. He writes several hundred words about the topic and manages to not only point out a number of his favorite blogs, but he doesn’t once mention basements or pajamas.

A refreshing take from one of the deans of the mainstream baseball media. Bloggers everywhere say “Thank you Peter.” Now there’s a Hall of Famer I can get behind.

A portion of the article is below:

The fact is that we all know more about baseball because of the proliferation of creative thought. Run through Baseball Think Factory, The Baseball Analysts, Squawking Baseball, Sabernomics, Beyond the Box Score, Dan Agonistes, John Sickels’ For everything, Deadspin.

Unfortunately, time keeps most of us from getting to those sites specific to teams. It’s amazing how many club officials read USS Mariner (Seattle), Fire Brand of the American League (Boston), Ducksnorts (San Diego), Athletics Nation (Oakland), Viva El Birdos (St. Louis), Lone Star Ball (Texas), River Ave. Blues (Yankees),, FishStripes (Florida), Dodger Thoughts, Bronx Banter (great writing), The LoHud Yankees Blog, Reds Reporter (Cincinnati), Bleed Cubbie Blue, Brew Crew Ball (Milwaukee) and more.

And you need an update on steroids? Try Baseball’s Steroid Era (an informative blog).

There are probably hundreds of sites I have missed. If so, hopefully, they’ll run by my laptop. But as we begin the 2008 season, our information, understanding and thought processes have been dramatically altered from the days when a Sunday newspaper notes column seemed significant. And, as fans, we are so much better off for all the work that is being done.