Cowherd Comes Clean

by Bill Ferris on March 28, 2006 · 0 comments

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ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd has apologized for ripping off the MZone. Deadspin has the paraphrased apology

Two things we take a lot of pride in…One we try to be different…Two is work ethic…the least we owe you is a really good day’s work. . that said, last Wednesday, at this very time… last 5 minutes of the show we presented a very funny and very smartly written fake Wonderlic test…the people who run michiganzone.blogspot created it. . they were furious with us…they deserve all the credit because it was very smart and very funny. . today, mzone gets the credit for this. . we have no problem with giving people credit…you tell us where you got it, we will give you credit…burden falls on me, its my show…last Wednesday, I didn’t do a good enough job checking. . there you go. . you can go to Google and punch up Mzone. . they are absolutely killing me and that’s fine…interesting thing about all this is…all this really got me going this weekend. . emotions flowing…I wrote a book this weekend…called “To Kill A Mockingbird”. . totally original. . talks about social issues.. .”