Blog Thievery

by Bill Ferris on March 23, 2006 · 1 comment

in Blog News,Mainstream Media

It appears that the M Zone is receiving some national attention for something they wrote, only it’s not happening the way they would hope. Apparently ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd read significant parts of an M Zone Wonderlic parody, pretty much verbatim. The problem is Mr Cowherd failed to acknoweldge his source. It’s pretty easy to see why the M Zone is a little peeved.

Now you know why we’re so pissed. We bust our ass on something only to have Mr. ESPN come in and steal our material. Do you know how cool it would have been for a little blog like ours to get a mention on a nationally syndicated sports radio show? Instead, Goliath decides to rip off David.

Fortunately, for the M Zone the story is definitely gaining momentum.

If this whole thing played out the way the M Zone describes, Cowherd’s actions are pretty much craptacular. I’d be interested in hearing from anybody with legal knowledge what bloggers can do when these things happen, as well as what they can do prior to these situations to protect themselves.

Hat Tip: Bleacher Guy