Strike Two and Low Post

by Bill Ferris on March 21, 2006 · 4 comments

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I just came across two very intriguing sites and The sites are the equivalent of memeorandum but for baseball and basketball respectively. I’m very excited for these sites, as they appear to fill a definite void in the sports blog world.

The site helps to manage all the conversations occuring across the blog world. In addition to aggregating various posts, it also sorts them and displays the results in tag clouds. The options that are currently in place are by player and by team.

The site also takes the hot topics and groups them into discussions. For example, it has gathered all the posts related to the Arroyo for Pena trade and for the Alfonso Soriano situation.

It also make it easy to identify what are the most popular topics and players.

As for what it means for bloggers, it could mean additional traffic and new readers. It should also be another source of information. With the tracker, you can select teams or players to track, and subscribe to the resultant RSS feed.

Right now the site is in beta, but it already looks to be pretty much fully functional.

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