Stat tracking for bloggers

by Bill Ferris on March 14, 2006 · 0 comments

in Blogging Tools

Performancing today launched a beta product called Performancing Metrics . it is a stat package designed specifically for bloggers. It differentiates by tracking visits and hits, as well as comments, at a post level. In addition, if you’re using Google Adsense it tracks those clicks as well. I’ve installed it on two of my blogs, and so far I’m impressed with the array of statistics, and usability of the site.

Stats are updated in a not-quite real time fashion. The stats are updated once an hour. This is to help improve performance, and prevent it from being bogged down. While it isn’t the very real time of Sitemeter or Statcounter, it is much improved over Google Analytics.

Another nice feature is that Metrics also tracks outbound links (Sitemeter also just started doing this) so you can see how visitors are leaving your blog.

It is definitely worth checking out, and the sign-up process is a breeze. You enter a little bit of information, and install a code snippet in your footer, and you’re ready to go. One thing I’d caution is that if you require email addresses for commenting, don’t make your stats publicly viewable. On my sites, I require email for comments, but don’t display the emails. In Metrics, the commentors email is displayed and I can’t imagine you’d want to open your commentors to potential spam.