Fun with the Acronym Tag

by Bill Ferris on March 10, 2006 · 0 comments

in Blogging Tools

I know in sports blogs, it is common to throw quite a few stats around.  What seperates blogs from traditional media is that sports bloggers aren’t afraid to routinely use stats that aren’t exactly commonplace.  Overtime, the blogger may become tired of writing out the entire stat name because he figures that his regular readers have already become accustomed to the stat.  But what happens when a casual fan discovers the site for the first time.  Are they likely to know what VORP is?  Or what PMR is?  Enter the Acronym tag.

When using the acronym in new browsers, like Firefox, the tagged item is displayed with a dashed underline.  When the reader hovers over the underlined text, a full description appears.  Here is how the VORP example from above would be implemented:

<acronym title=”Value Over Replacement Player”>VORP</acronym>

To see other examples, or to practice it yourself, try the Tryit Editor.