Long live the Pinto

by Bill Ferris on March 1, 2006 · 0 comments

in Blog News,Making Money

David Pinto at Baseball Musings is conducting his second annual pledge drive. David, as many of you know, blogs for a living. This is his income. With Baseball Musings you get much more than a simple blog though. David provides tools and data such as PMR and the Day by Day Database. He offers this data for free, even though it costs him money.

David has been a friend to many in the baseball blog-o-sphere with his willingness to link out. Many of us have received a boost in traffic from a Baseball Musings link. Not to mention all the new posts that we’re able to generate thanks to Musings inspired content. He’s asking for one dollar from every visitor. However, if you’re a baseball blogger I’d hope you consider digging a little deeper for one your own.

Please help David out, and keep Baseball Musings going.