Going it alone, or not

by Bill Ferris on February 28, 2006 · 0 comments

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I’ve been pretty sick the last few days. Between family, the real job, and recuperative sleep, blogging has gone by the wayside. It’s times like these where I seriously consider taking on a blog partner. Each of my blogs is a solo effort. While I like the total control, and not having to form any sort of compromises, when things come up it makes it tough to keep the various sites fresh.

Why solo is the way to go

  • Total Control: There are no disagreements about the direction of the site, or what is appropriate, or color schemes, or linking policy, or anything. In a solo operation it’s all up to you.
  • One blogger, one sound: If you have an established audience, they might not welcome another voice. If they’ve been coming back, they’ve been coming back because of something you’re doing right
  • The money: If you’ve decided to monetize your site, it would probably only be fair that you would share some portion of the revenue. Deciding on the amount could be tricky socially. And then there are the tax implications. Does this person become an employee or are you partners?

Why you should use the buddy system

  • More is better: More writers -> more content -> more visits -> more money! Well, it isn’t always a straight shot, but many of those elements are related. The additional writers are especially helpful when life gets in the way. At least there is someone else to keep the site fresh.
  • Baskin Robbins: Different people have different tastes, and different writers have different styles. While there maybe a core of your readers that love the way you write, there could also be a group that can’t stand it. Maybe a different writer with a different style could bring in a different audience.
  • Built in disscussion: Even if others aren’t commenting on your posts, you can always comment on each others. Or, the posts themselves can be discussions, ala Rob and Rany.

I don’t think one way is right or wrong. There are examples of successful teams (Belth and Corcoran, Lederer and Smith), just like there are many successful individuals. It’s all a matter of what you feel comfortable with. Personally I’m inclined to stay solo, but weeks like this always make me wonder why.