Adsense and Chitika news

by Bill Ferris on January 31, 2006 · 0 comments

in Making Money

A couple of interesting pieces of news about some popular revenue streams for bloggers in the last couple days.

Adsense’s tips for bloggers

The Adsense team has put together some tips for optimizing Adsense revenue on a blog. None of the tips were earth shattering if this is the kind of tihng you’ve been paying attention to. Blending ads, removing borders, and getting the ads close to the content are the main themes.

Google has made their heatmap available for awhile. This post isn’t necessarily a heatmap, but general suggestions. I’d be curious to see if they’ve developed a heatmap specifically for blogs.

Chitika Category Hints

Via Problogger, Chitika has implemented a feature to try and improve ad relevancy called Category Hints. Essentially, if Chitika doesn’t have a product for your keyword, you can specify a category for Chitika to pull from. I could see this being a great tool because many of my keywords tend to be hit & miss in returning results. However, for sports bloggers there is a Sports and Outdoors category, but the sample ad is for a tire. I’m not sure it will improve relevancy for us until they ad more categories.

I haven’t seen Chitika on too many sports blogs, and I’m largely giving up on them. I still have them in a few spots (including here), but I get better clickthough rates and cost per click with Adsense. Have any sports bloggers had success with Chitika?